Want to know more about us ?

We kicked off as a startup in 2011 in the photo booth rental business with the purchase of a photobooth from Asia. In order to fulfill the wishes of our customers we developed a homemade photo booth. Our flexibility towards specific demands enabled us to identify the customers’ needs.Snapcom Engineering was born.

The two photo booths we offer are the result of our experience as a photo booth rental service provider. No idea based on presumptions but rather a logical result of tested experiments. Today, our mission is to manufacture carefully designed and user-friendly photo booths of high quality, to offer start-ups and established companies around the globe the possibility to use and/or rent photo booths on all kind of events.

The reason why we are selling photo booths is partly because we think no other company is offering photo booths that meet our photo booth standards. More important, it is necessary for buyers to have confidence in the products that they buy and to have an accessible contact point and a reliable customer service.
We realise that the photo booth is becoming very popular so we strive to make it a classic. To accomplish this goal, we differentiate by focusing severely on design related concepts including user-friendliness, robustness, personalisation and aesthetics.
In order for our products to be eco-friendly, we use an aluminum structure, which is nearly 100 % recyclable. Also, partnerships are established with regional companies in order to limit transportation. All of our products are designed, developed, manufactured and assembled by experienced and passionate professionals in Belgium.

6 principles have been the guidelines through the design process and the manufacturing of our photo booths:



The open photo booth looks more elegant than the closed cabin. It engages people to interact with each other and with the brand. Aesthetics are critical because people typically dress up for the event to look attractive so a clean photobooth honors and attracts the crowd. Since the photobooth buyer will be using his/her photobooth frequently we created integrated products, rather than just bringing together different components. Inside of the booths, design efforts include neat fixations of the components and cables.


We have experienced different photo booth build-ups over the years. Immediate access to the exact location is not obvious and there is not always someone around to help you out. This is why transportability and set-up time are critical issues. Each part of the Evolution booth is transportable by one person which makes it easy to set up the booth. The Essential booth is extremely easy to carry around thanks to its size and weight.

Solid versus weight

Having manufactured photo booths from wood, PVC and metal, we have experienced that aluminum ensures a solid structure without compromising on the weight. Aluminum is widely used in transport, construction packaging and electricity sectors. These sectors value this material for being light, strong, durable, impermeable and non-corrosive. The aluminum surface of the booth can be powder coated and is easy to clean. By branding the photo booth with magnetic stickers, it is possible to switch between stickers within minutes.


Limiting our ecological footprint is more important than ever. Aluminum can be infinitely recycled and uses very little energy during this process. We have built partnerships with companies that are located in the region in order to minimalise transportation.


Every event is different so your booth must have the ability to adapt to each one of them. External personalisation includes branding the Evolution booth and wrapping the Essential booth. Internally, the software includes a wide range of customisation options: choice of the interface background, choice of a photo frame, creation of a photo frame, choice of button style, button color, and so on.

User experience

User experience is an intrinsic value to the design process of our products. The modularity of the Evolution booth embodies user experience with the different set-ups that are incorporated in one versatile product. The stripped down Essential booth runs an embedded operating system that is fine tuned to the photo booth software. Both the booths integrate a plug & play power system and a chemically hardened front touch panel.