The software

Auto boot

Plug the cable into the power supply and press power to start the photo booth. The software will launch automatically. With the DSLR camera on AV you can start using the booth right away.


The back office enables the personalisation of the user software to your style and logo: text color, button color, button style, background photo,... The software allows arranging multiple photos in one customised frame. Additional shapes are available which allow the use of the printed photos in gadgets such as badges.

Quality prints in different formats

The booth prints high quality photos thanks to the combination of a Canon DSLR camera with a DNP sublimation printer. Different sizes are available (Sizes in centimeters): 10x15, 5x15, 15x20, 13x18, 15x23, 7,5x20, 7,5x23.


Our software generates a unique QR-code for each photo. This allows the crowd to scan the code with their smartphone and be redirected to a customised web page where they can find their photo. Under each photo, the social media shortcuts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+) stimulate people to share the photo on their personal profile.

Social media & e-mail share

Share the photos on the Facebook page of your choice to create an album with all the photos taken by your photo booth. Thanks to the e-mail shortcut, the software lets people send the photo to their personal e-mail address. The software automatically creates a database of the entered e-mail addresses.


We provide several filters to adjust your photos. People can use them artistically, to match a certain theme, or just for fun. 

Face morphing

The most entertaining feature on the software is the face morphing option. Choose any portrait as a background and have the software merge your participant’s face into it. This software transforms anyone into Tintin, Julius Caesar or even the incredible Hulk.

E-mail editor

Personalise the e-mails that your photo booth sends to the participants. 

Frame editor

The software has an integrated photo frame editor to help you create your own photo frames. This is a useful feature if you don’t master Photoshop.

Scan folder

When the Evolution booth is used as an interactive pod in combination with a photographer, the software collects the photos from the photo camera. While the camera loads the photos in a folder, the software systematically displays them on the touchscreen.

Hashtag printer

The photo booth can be set up to display all the photos that have been tagged with a custom #hashtag on Instagram. When the participants select their photo they can have it printed immediately.

Green Key

Integrate your participants in the background of your choice to transport them around the world. Or be creative with your background and stimulate ultimate interaction between the people and the booth.

Data Capture

A logfile is created and automatically updated in a .csv-file and can be consulted through the back office. The logfile contains for each photo the chosen language and e-mail address of the user, if he/she shared and/or printed the photo and if he/she allows promotional e-mails.

Step sequence

To secure the purpose of building a client database, the software leads the participant through a sequence of steps where an e-mail address must be entered before the photo can be printed. To encourage social media interaction, participants can be asked to allow the publication of their photo on a Facebook page before printing.

Payment option

The software has a payment option. On demand we can integrate a payment system in the hardware of the photo booth. People will now pay for their prints.

Offline usage

The establishment of a properly functioning internet connection is not always obvious.  That is why the software saves, upon internet connection failure, the encoded e-mail addresses and the photos allowed to share on Facebook. The photobooth activity however will not be interfered by the internet (in)activity. After the event, an internet connection must be established in order to complete the queued tasks. Through the back office of the software two queue buttons enable the accomplishment of these tasks. Once these tasks are completed, all the photos will appear on the designated Facebook page and will be sent to the encoded e-mail addresses.